The Heath & Wellness Center is committed to providing quality health care services for all area patients.

Executive Officer Operating Officer Financial Officer
  Teresa Huggins, MBA Brooke Lattimore, MBA Stephanie Peery
Stigler Family Practice
Tracy Baker, MD
Stigler Pediatrics
Donna Horton, ARNP
Lacey Conaway, ARNP
Carrie Randall, PA-C
~Walk in Provider
Paul Thomas, MD
~Avaliable Wed. mornings only
Eufaula Family Practice
Medical Director
Terry Workamn, ARNP
Jennifer Rowsey, PA-C
Sallisaw Family Practice
Julie Finney, PA-C
Stigler Dental Providers
Palwasha Sherwani, DDS Dental Director
Anton Hoang, DDS
Stigler Mental Health Providers
Eufaula Mental Health Providers
Sallisaw Mental Health Providers
Patrick Martin, MD
William Willis, MD
Call for an appointment!
Robinson Tolbert, LCSW Director
Kristen Suzuki, MSW u/S
Ashli Scott, MSW u/S
Charlotte Savage, LCSW
Ray Walker, LCSW
Jamie Vogt, MSW u/S
Johanna Lea, MSW u/S
Eric Broadway, MD
Richard Bowden, MD
(Avaliable in Stigler 1 day a month)
Jeremy Roach, OD
Kathy Pulchny, ARNP
Brestel, MD
Checotah Family Practice
Tony Brown, DO
Deborah Gale, ARNP